About Me


Hi, I’m Brenda Drexler. I’m an AUTHOR/WRITER. I’m so proud to be able to say that. I’ve written poems and stories for years, since high school when I had as much angst as the next teenager.  I love to write. I almost have to, with all these ideas swarming around in my brain. I had to sort of semi-retire in order to have the time and energy to write. You’ll see more about my published writings, later, but I’ll introduce them to you now.  Four Shorts for Your Bucket List, can be found at Lulu.com and Amazon.com. And, my first novel is, Gracie and Marge: Kicking the Bucket Together, with some absolutely zany characters that you will love at first site. My second book of short stories, Life in its own frame of Reference, runs the gamut from light to dark themed. And, my first self-help book is now available with the second coming soon. Also coming soon, my first historical fiction, The Poor Farm. My books can be found at Amazon.com. Both available as e book and paperback. Right now, folks.

In a past life, I’ve been a high school, middle school, GED and college English teacher. After some major life changes and a root canal, I returned to school to become a psychotherapist while also teaching at a local community college and proudly calling myself a writer. I’m an avid reader of a variety of genres, and belong to one book club, and currently, at least two writing groups. Before my emergence as an author, the work I was most proud of included three articles published in a local newspaper and an anonymous letter to a senior officer on an Army post (Let’s keep that little secret to ourselves).

While you’re on Amazon purchasing my works, be sure to check out my author page.  I’m thankful for the feedback of my husband, sisters and friends after they proofread my works in progress. I’m indebted to the good people of both writing groups for their keen eyes in perusing the written word and their blunt honesty. (I plan to use that last sentence when I win an Oscar or Emmy, or something).

I’m available to talk with book clubs who have already read my work and want to learn more. Contact me at  Brenda.Writing@outlook.com.

Please visit my Boggy Blog at Brendawriting.wordpress.com, and my Amazon author page, brendadrexlerwriting.



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