Is there really a writer’s block? Is it a thing? A state of mind? An excuse for being lazy…or afraid? Does ‘writer’s block’ give me an excuse to drink a glass of wine or chat on the phone (I am one of a few who seem to still actually converse with my mouth on the antiquated home phone) when I ‘should” be writing? Is my partial belief of the reality of writer’s block an excuse for writing these words in this space? I don’t really know. I did read somewhere recently…apparently when I wasn’t writing…something about the non-existence of an actual thing called writer’s block. Maybe not being able to put together a succession of words and phrases that go with my story, and needed editing, is only a sign that I need to step back, take a break. Whatever it is, I refuse to feel guilty. I know I love to write, and tell stories that grow into something I can be proud of, or wish I was proud. So, sometimes we all need a break. I think mine is over. Time to get to it. Maybe it’s time for you to take a brief break. Don’t feel bad about it. Just relax occasionally. I feel better already.

BTW: Are you reading Writer’s Digest? Love it.