Everyone must read….drum roll….The Book Thief. A touching, gently-told story of life during war by one of the most interesting narrators I’ve ever come across. Don’t hang on the words touching and gently. The story comes out of a time of war, a world war, and is gritty and scary, with well-rounded characters. It has been adapted as a movie, but I have yet to see that. Happy Reading.

But, I’ve got a movie for you, also…A Walk in the Woods with two old coots, Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, walking the Appalachian Trial. Good one-on-one dialogue and beautiful scenery that brought back fond memories for me in the Great Smokies and my 40 ft walk on the Appalachian Trail.Truly laugh-out-loud for the audience. I got a tremendous dose of laughter/happy running through my mind and body to last quite a while. Again, this is based on a fantastic book. So many books, so little time.