Someone recently asked me, after reading some of my short stories, where I get my ideas. She asked, “Don’t they say you should write about what you know”?

Well, I thought that was funny, because I’m sort of sure she was thinking about the gritty bar scene in The Bouncer. Where does it all come from, you might wonder. Life. People. Conversations. other people’s stories. Sometimes, I’m inspired by an unusual twist of a phrase or a news article that sparks an idea that grows into something larger. Stories are everywhere.

But, I must admit it does take some effort to put together a story, much less a novel, from a single thought. Sometimes that piece must be put away for a while or scrapped if it doesn’t seem to want to grow with me. At this very moment, I have a number of stories in the making, not sure which will survive the creative process. But, at least, I have given them a start, a possibility of coming to life.

I’m an observer. I learn a lot by watching and listening to people in a variety of situations. Sometimes those situations are my own. Don’t we all have a little crazy in our lives, now and again? Just living and connecting with the world around me invites ideas that may become something more.

Think about it – Everyone has at least one story to tell. More on that later.