Hi Everyone. Hope you are having a great day or evening. I have been trying to stay ahead of the weeds in my yard, but to no avail. They are hardy, fast-growing, Olympic kind of weeds that never let me speed past them. They get the gold medal every time.

Take an extra long vacation, and the yard turns into a jungle. Throw in a vacation where half the people get sick – yes, me too. Came home with bronchitis and two rounds of antibiotics later, I am finally tackling the weeds of all weeds, gargantuan, and sneaky.

So, have you ever tried to write a story or poem about something as powerful, yet inconsequential as those freaking weeds in your yard that have overtaken what should be the beautiful garden you worked on in the spring.

I did write a short story titled, Who Killed the Sod. Wow, a story about dead grass. But what if you make that dead grass someone else’s fault and you end up in court with all kinds of interesting peoples. So there you are, when it comes to us writers, nothing is off limits. Try it. It could be fun. And, keep in mind…any bystanders may be written in my stories.

Keep Writing

Brenda D