You know those things you get to do when you are entertaining kids, like take them to goofy movies, make flubber, put together giant farm puzzles, watch ants be so busy? I was recently thinking about some of those things – missing my grandchildren, I think. I said to myself, “I don’t have to have kids with me to be silly.” I’ve gone to the park to swing without little people. I’ve done lots of silly things as an adult. I’m lucky enough to have silly friends.

On a hike with adult friends at Clifty Falls we came across a playground with a swing-set. What did we do? Well, we did some swinging, of course. Anytime I get on a swing, I have the most vivid memories from my childhood of one of my favorite things to do-swing. I loved the sense of flying, the breeze in my long blonde hair as it nearly touched the ground when I would lean back and point my toes toward the sky.

I think the thing I enjoyed most was the wind in my face and hair. A sense of freedom, weightlessness, unconnected to the world around me. Many activities that I have enjoyed have been just like that – maybe challenging and adventurous, but the wind in my face and a sense of freedom – or even total control.

Well, today I am happy to say that the wind was in my face, and I felt free and in control, just for the fun of it. What did I do, you ask? I, and my husband – he just goes along with a lot of my ideas, bless his heart – went to The Track, in Gulf Shores, AL., and road the three story wood go-cart track. We were the only two people on the track, riding recklessly, as fast as we could get our carts to go. The attendants let us go extra rounds as they had nothing else to do. We raced each other, we cut close corners. We laughed and the wind blew in our faces. What a cool day.

If there is a moral to this, it is probably – don’t wait on anybody. Enjoy today! Follow your passion. Accept a challenge. Relive your childhood now and then. And keep making memories for tomorrow.