Don’t you get tired of waiting. So many places and reasons to be held up from what you really want to be doing. August was a health nightmare when I had to have 3 emergency eye surgeries. I’d never heard of Acute Angle Closed Glaucoma…amazing how many maladies might be waiting around the corner. I willingly sat in a chair and let a very qualified opthamologist shoot holes through my iris and then into a drain tube somewhere in my right eye, then later into my left eye to get rid of extreme pressure that caused me unbelievable pain. This had to be done before the Dr. could complete the surgery that would actually fix the original problem. Whew! So I waited for pressure to lessen. Waited for the eye to heal. Waited to learn the extent of nerve damage and if or how well I would see again. Time went by, my eye got better, and I had my eyes examined for glasses. Then…

I got bronchitis….and Flu….together. Didn’t know I could do that. So, I’m waiting again, waiting for life to return to a place where I feel healthy and motivated to do all the things I wanted to do while these crazy things keep coming at me.

Hey, Universe, I have things planned you know! Lots of things. Quit getting in my way!

Now, I’m also waiting for hurricane Nate to clear out of my path so I can go south where I can usually feel healthy.  I hope this doesn’t sound like whining, because I hate to hear a whiny-ass – I might have to smack myself.

A bit of good news for me and my readers… tada, somewhere in between the days of misery and getting better from something or other, I completed my first Self-Help book, HOW TO WALK THE PATH TO SERENITY. Please check it out on Amazon and tell your friends about it, especially if you think it would help them. It’s short and to the point. Another will be on the way in the near future about Climbing the Mountain Of Change.

Take care, my friends, as you wait for your bumps in the road to pass so you can move on with what you are really supposed to be doing. Godspeed.




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