In Memory

I’ve missed you. I’ve been spending a lot of my time the last two weeks soaking up the sun at the beach or pool. The only downfall to being so relaxed is that my brain goes on pause. So-not much writing going on except what I do for the online classes I teach.

Today, I want to share a few words about the best teacher I ever had. Sister Lucy, who was an English professor at the University of Louisville, and a fantastic and vibrant woman and teacher. She died recently, after a long and productive life. She taught so that her students would be better in every way.

When she returned a graded paper in our professional writing class, she would have written almost as much as I had. In purple ink-I never used a red pin again. She was the kind of teacher who told me what I had done right, and how I could improve.

I learned to appreciate feedback. No matter how much I loved the work I had done, I knew I could always do better. And, I knew Sister Lucy would guide me in the right direction, if I wanted to go there.

Did I mention that she was the ‘hardest’ teacher I ever had? I know that if I am challenged, then I must be working hard at being successful.

I feel a need to thank her for being so intelligent, caring and creative, and for using these gifts and nurturing others.

Let’s never forget those special people in our lives who mentor us, especially in writing and the realities of life.

May she rest in the presence of God.


A story or poem lies all around us.

Hi Everyone. Hope you are having a great day or evening. I have been trying to stay ahead of the weeds in my yard, but to no avail. They are hardy, fast-growing, Olympic kind of weeds that never let me speed past them. They get the gold medal every time.

Take an extra long vacation, and the yard turns into a jungle. Throw in a vacation where half the people get sick – yes, me too. Came home with bronchitis and two rounds of antibiotics later, I am finally tackling the weeds of all weeds, gargantuan, and sneaky.

So, have you ever tried to write a story or poem about something as powerful, yet inconsequential as those freaking weeds in your yard that have overtaken what should be the beautiful garden you worked on in the spring.

I did write a short story titled, Who Killed the Sod. Wow, a story about dead grass. But what if you make that dead grass someone else’s fault and you end up in court with all kinds of interesting peoples. So there you are, when it comes to us writers, nothing is off limits. Try it. It could be fun. And, keep in mind…any bystanders may be written in my stories.

Keep Writing

Brenda D


Where do the ideas come from?

Someone recently asked me, after reading some of my short stories, where I get my ideas. She asked, “Don’t they say you should write about what you know”?

Well, I thought that was funny, because I’m sort of sure she was thinking about the gritty bar scene in The Bouncer. Where does it all come from, you might wonder. Life. People. Conversations. other people’s stories. Sometimes, I’m inspired by an unusual twist of a phrase or a news article that sparks an idea that grows into something larger. Stories are everywhere.

But, I must admit it does take some effort to put together a story, much less a novel, from a single thought. Sometimes that piece must be put away for a while or scrapped if it doesn’t seem to want to grow with me. At this very moment, I have a number of stories in the making, not sure which will survive the creative process. But, at least, I have given them a start, a possibility of coming to life.

I’m an observer. I learn a lot by watching and listening to people in a variety of situations. Sometimes those situations are my own. Don’t we all have a little crazy in our lives, now and again? Just living and connecting with the world around me invites ideas that may become something more.

Think about it – Everyone has at least one story to tell. More on that later.



Thanks for stopping by. I have great news. My newest book of short stories is published and should be online at Amazon and Create Space by tomorrow, if not tonight. No joke. Or, maybe you are already reading it. Wow, you are fast. Look for LIFE IN IT’S OWN FRAME OF REFERENCE by me, Brenda Drexler, and enjoy the heck out of it.

Who are you?

I found a quote, from Annie Dillard, I liked while reading Writer’s Digest, so, I will share…

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives

I like the simplicity of something profound. It, of course, again, got me to thinking about the meaning of the quote and things I used to say to clients…and will to anyone who pays me to talk… So, I posted the following (by Me) to, and thought…what the heck, why not share it with you, and see what you think. Perhaps you know another quote that we can only hope makes people stop and think about themselves, where they are going, or not going, etc.

What or Who Are You Today?

Are you loving or hating?

Waiting or doing?

Giving or taking?

Smiling or sneering?

Achieving or day-dreaming?

Taking responsibility for everything you do or don’t do?

Or blaming the universe, the world or others for your lack of success?

…In other words,

Are you a grown-up or just pretending?

Have a great day, Brenda D






Indie Author Fair

Hello all. I will be in Indianapolis this Saturday at the Indie Central Library for the Indie Author Fair. I will be available to answer questions about anything in the universe…my specialty, and to sell and sign books. I’ll try to post a pic or two. It’s going to be BIG. If you are in the area, for goodness sake, drop in and say Hi.

Book Review, Movie Review

Everyone must read….drum roll….The Book Thief. A touching, gently-told story of life during war by one of the most interesting narrators I’ve ever come across. Don’t hang on the words touching and gently. The story comes out of a time of war, a world war, and is gritty and scary, with well-rounded characters. It has been adapted as a movie, but I have yet to see that. Happy Reading.

But, I’ve got a movie for you, also…A Walk in the Woods with two old coots, Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, walking the Appalachian Trial. Good one-on-one dialogue and beautiful scenery that brought back fond memories for me in the Great Smokies and my 40 ft walk on the Appalachian Trail.Truly laugh-out-loud for the audience. I got a tremendous dose of laughter/happy running through my mind and body to last quite a while. Again, this is based on a fantastic book. So many books, so little time.

Book Blitz

Wow. Next year you have watch for the Kentuckiana Author Book Blitz. I’ll remind you also. Authors from all around, so many of the, and so many books. authors are just fun people to talk to, mostly…there was that one lady….And, it was held at the beautiful Palace Theater in downtown Louisville, KY.
Also, Last week was Imaginarium, in Louisville, also. Authors, books for sale and signing, Panels, etc. Can’t miss these fun events. see you there

Name that character contest

Hi all. Want to name a main character in my next novel? A male or female.

All you need to do to compete is read my new novel, Gracie and Marge: Kicking the Bucket Together, then post a review stating how much you love it. That will put your name in the proverbial hat one time. If you also post a rave review on this site, your name will go in the hat again. GOOD LUCK.

Note: Contest ends October 24th, 2015